Reach New Heights With Cloud Accounting

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This year we are able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the monumental Moon Landing. This may not appear to have affected the accounting industry, but it has inspired advancements in every field. The Moon Landing showed the world just how incredible the achievements of a well-developed and cohesive team can be.
Cloud-based, intuitive technology is paving the way for businesses to grow and develop, the smart way. Say goodbye to clunky, time-consuming accounting.

The accounting industry has exploded with advancements, and one of the best is Xero’s cloud-based accounting software – helping your business to simplify and streamline processes. Xero allows everyone, regardless of confidence with computers and numbers, to easily use their software, view and understand data.

Cloud accounting with Xero can boost productivity with the integration of other apps

As an Official Xero App Integrator, OutserveWeb can not only help you benefit from Xero, but also all of the integrations available – and there are over 700 compatible apps!

Below, you’ll discover all of the brilliant reasons why you should use Xero for your business!

Soak Up the Sun

Built by business users for business people, Xero’s bookkeeping software allows for greater freedom. You don’t need to be chained to your desk in order to access your important data. You can work online, wherever you want. 

This fantastic way of working allows more efficiency with time. Be more productive by working in a space that suits you, and aid staff flexibility. You can get the important things done, whether you’re in, or out of the office! 

Spend more time outside of the office by using Cloud Accounting

Feel Safe and Secure

Xero has online banking levels of security. Forget worrying about storing all of your accounting data on one device. Forget leaving a USB lying around with all of your important data on. And we don’t even have to mention (but we will) an office fire or break-in! Using Xero ensures your data is only accessible to those with the correct login details, and uses two-factor authentication. The same goes for recovering data. Using Xero, you can have all of your important data at your fingertips in no time – we know, this makes working outside of the office even more appealing! With the total reassurance that your accounts are safe, you can do anything.

Take Minutes, Not Days

The capabilities of Xero are remarkable. You can share your real-time figures with your accountant and advisor which will save so much precious time. And time is money. Work is completed quicker – you won’t have to wait 3 weeks for the decision-making process to be complete. You can make decisions there and then, with the help of your advisors who are able to provide superior support and guidance using accurate and relevant real-time data.

Spend less time on accounting with cloud accounting

Make Automation Your Friend

Boost productivity with Xero. Features such as automated bank feeds and online invoicing make your life easier. You can save time as the manual input of data is drastically reduced. Do you want to grow your business, but these clunky manual processes keep getting in the way? Are they taking up too much time and restricting your business’s growth? Let’s stop that. Xero enables you to spend more time on other parts of your business. You can feel comfortable knowing that Xero is scalable, as well as saving you time and money.

Automating your accounting with cloud accounting can help your business

Aid Your Cash Flow With a Subscription

A big lump sum payment? No thank you. Xero offers greater security of your cash flow by providing the software at a monthly subscription. Better yet, it means you don’t have to fork out loads for upgrades!

You can improve your cash flow with Cloud Accounting

Stay Up-to-Date

Time consuming, draining, storage eating updates. Did you just get the shivers? Me too. 

But worry not, Xero doesn’t need any of these ‘install your upgrade’ disks, that take hours! Quickly and efficiently Xero will update itself, and there’s no need to store Xero anywhere on your device – all you need is an internet connection to access all of your important data.

Do you know what this means? 

There’s less chance of data corruption, less time wasted, and more time well spent working harmoniously.

Cloud Accounting with Xero helps you stay up-to-date

If you’re interested in our Xero services, or would like some advice, please get in touch – our Xero experts will be happy to help you!

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