Reaching New Heights: A New CRM & Project Management System for Swiss Peaks

SwissPeaks, based in Cannock, works with research agencies and end clients alike to deliver research projects (predominantly multi-country and internationally focused) using a combination of technology, excellent data management practices, creativity and innovation. They’ve worked hard to position themselves at the forefront of what they do and work with some big name clients, including the BBC World Service. However, their own project management system was in need of an overhaul to match their lofty status and ambitions, and so they got in touch with us…

“Phil gave us the confidence to move over much more quickly than we’d have been able to on our own merit.”
Andy Madeley, SwissPeaks

A better way of working: project management solutions for SwissPeaks

SwissPeaks were running things using an in-house developed project management system which had clearly seen better days. It was reaching the end of its life-cycle and so they came to us in search of something new.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge, ideas (and some terrific biscuits), we went to Cannock to begin the climb to project management glory. Andy Madeley, CEO at SwissPeaks, was ready for the change:

“We’d known for a while that we needed to update our somewhat archaic project management system. It was creaking a lot and even with some sticking-plaster style repairs, we knew its life expectancy was decreasing.

CRM Project Management system helps research Women

“We called on Phil Oakley from OutserveWeb, who introduced us to WorkFlowMax (a product of Xero) and Capsule and suddenly life looked much rosier. Not only did Phil give us a great introduction to the products but he helped us set up both to a point whereby we are now no longer dependent on an old creaky Access database.

“Phil is friendly, knowledgeable and easy going – not to mention his good taste in biscuits! He gave us the confidence to move over much more quickly and seamlessly than we’d have been able to on our own merit. What we really liked about his approach was that he a) knew the application so well that he was able to handle immediate requests and b) he got to know us as people as well as users, making the transition more harmonious and focused upon SwissPeaks.”

Increase productivity with WorkFlowMax and Capsule

Capsule logo - Swiss Peaks

OutserveWeb Managing Director, Phil Oakley, says,

“WorkFlowMax and Capsule can be integrated giving you everything to manage your business workflow effectively. SwissPeaks’ old project management system was slowing them down. With these new cloud-based systems in place, Swisspeaks will see an increase in productivity, helping them to serve their clients even better and reach their goals.”

If you’re looking for a project management system that really performs, then maybe WorkFlowMax is just what you need. Call OutserveWeb today on 01785 244080 to discuss how we can help improve your work-flow situation. For more information about Capsule CRM, click the button below.


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