Shopify Updates June 2018

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Find out what’s new in Shopify with this round-up of all the latest updates.

1. Automated abandoned checkout emails

If a customer abandons their cart after they have provided their contact information, they will automatically receive an email reminder to prompt them to return to the checkout. This facility is now a feature of both basic and advanced plans. And there is the option to personalise or opt out of these automated reminders. Since it is shown that a massive 67% of online shoppers abandon their cart, this could boost sales for merchants dramatically.

2. Shopify is now multi-lingual

Merchants now have the option of managing their Shopify store in 6 additional languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese. Merchants can adopt the beta, which was launched in May and Shopify is collecting feedback to enable more improvements.

3. Premium fonts

There is now a whole range of premium fonts, from both Google and Monotype, available on all themes in the Shopify Theme Store. The larger range of fonts will allow merchants to better communicate their brand identity to customers. To access them, you have to download the latest version of the theme from the Theme Store.


Shopify has put together its GDPR documentation in the help center, and this will inform you of what you need to consider as a merchant from a data protection, security and privacy point of view.

5. Collaborator request expiry

Pending collaborator account requests are now valid for 7 days after the request is made.  The request expires after this time, which will reduce the risk of your business exceeding the 200 pending requests limit and will clear clutter in your dashboard.


For more information about Shopify, click here. To implement Shopify for your e-commerce business, click here.

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