Smiles all round - CRM Solution for Promec Dental

With over 20 years of experience in the dental design and build sector, Promec offer dental practices everything from single chair installations to full new builds for start-up practices. Delivering to the highest specifications and priding themselves on their excellent follow-up care and support, Promec Dental shared a great deal in common with us here at OutserveWeb. It was only a matter of time before we had them grinning from ear to ear – and here’s how:

“I’m very impressed - I wish I’d done it years ago!” - Dee Holden, Promec Dental

Many of Promec’s internal systems were spreadsheet based, providing Promec with all the necessary customer information they needed to grow and run their business. As the business became more and more successful, that spreadsheet grew too. Soon Promec knew that in order to continue offering their trademark high-calibre customer service, they needed a high-calibre Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. That’s where we came in. Promec’s Dee Holden, who managed the CRM project, takes up the story:

“Promec started out with two of us working out of a bedroom, with our build team doing the refurbishments. We did all the sales, ordering, quoting, invoicing etc. From those beginnings we went on to open our own cabinetry fabrication and manufacturing unit and a suite of offices in Bridgnorth, turning over £1.25 million last year. We have also moved into the residential market with Promec Design, designing kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and more.

“Historically, we used clumsy and outdated spreadsheets and while this initially worked well for us, It became increasingly inconvenient and time consuming the bigger we grew.

“Thankfully, Phil Oakley from Outserve came to us with a solution – and it has already proved to be invaluable. The Capsule CRM product has proved to be a lifesaver for me, and having client information at our fingertips enables us to provide a thoroughly professional service for our customers.

“The fact that you can access the information from anywhere has been useful when working from home, allowing me to upload quotations easily. I’m very impressed – I wish I’d done it years ago! Phil has always been helpful in fully explaining the system and has always responded in a timely manner to questions and queries.”

OutserveWeb Managing Director, Phil Oakley, says “It’s clear as soon as you meet the Promec team that they care passionately about customer service. Capsule’s Customer Relationship Management System will help them grow and offer an even better customer experience.”

If you’re struggling with spreadsheets and your customer information management is giving you a headache, then call OutserveWeb today on 01785 244080 to discuss CRM. We’ll have you smiling in a matter of minutes!


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