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Seasonal Stock Management Mayhem - and How to Avoid it!

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A detailed list of all the things you need to do in the run-up to Christmas, in order to make this holiday season's order fulfilment a success.Considerations:Data Automation Managing Supply and Demand Budget Timing …

Marketing Is Easy With 'Marketing in Shopify'

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‘For ecommerce businesses, paying for ads is the new rent’ - Daniel Patricio, ShopifyMarketing in ShopifyShopify has just introduced ‘Marketing in Shopify’. Shopify has teamed up with the likes of Facebook and Google to enable SMEs…

Twitter Loves the Cricket World Cup

There are no great cricket fans at OutserveWeb (yet!) but it was great to see twitter getting behind the Cricket World Cup:and if you click you are taking to a great Cricket World Cup Dashboard:
marketing Twitter Summaries is a great free service to create a daily summary of tweets based on a subject or group of Tweeters. will create a formatted paper taking the links from Tweets including images and video and formats them in a style of a digital…

Stourbridge College Business Skills - Slides and Documents

Last week I gave a talk the the Stourbridge College Business Skills on Social Media in particular how it may be used for training companies in communicating and engaging with students. At the beginning of the talk I showed this great video…

Shropshire Rural Hub - Slides and Documents

This week I gave a talk the the Shropshire Rural Hub on Social Media in particular how it may be of use to local businesses in areas such as crafts, jewellery and food.Amongst many other areas we discussed how you could search, listen and…

Twitter Workshop at Staffs Jelly

As part of the build up to Stafforshire Marketing Academy's inaugural event Action for Business:LIVE many of the members of StaffsMA will be at the Staffs Jelly at the Stoke Moat House to talk about marketing and branding including Caroline…

Slides from SPEED WM Talk

Social Media for SPEED WM View more presentations from OutserveWeb

HootSuite Launch Social Analytics

and a great song too:HootSuite Social Analytics from HootSuite on Vimeo.

Great new features at Linkedin

Linkedin has, in the last couple of years, been consistently adding new features and keeping up with the Jones's (or the Twitters and Facebooks) especially regarding the addition of a Twitter like update stream and also the new Products and…