What is UnifiedVu?

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We hold a lot of data about our clients, but this data is scattered across the multiple systems we use, sometimes making it difficult to see the bigger picture. Such client data includes:

  • Their accounts information in Xero
  • Their email marketing information in MailChimp
  • A record of our dealings with them in our CRM system

What would be really useful is having the ability to bring all this information together in one place to see how it all connects.

Well now we can – with UnifiedVu.

What is UnifiedVu?

UnifiedVu is a completely new way of looking at our data. By creating a visual dashboard linking many systems together, we can see one connected view of a client – hence the name UnifiedVu. The software gives us a real insight into problems and opportunities with that client and allows us to make decisions based on best available information. Most importantly, UnifiedVu allows us to see the relationship between different issues, so that we can take action to resolve them. For example, understanding the reason behind unpaid invoices will allow the accounts team to get them cleared faster. Similarly, pinpointing opportunities will allow the sales teams to close deals faster. 

UnifiedVu, which can be integrated with Xero, GSuite, Capsule and MailChimp, is still a relatively new product and is only scratching the surface of what we could expect in the future.

For more information and to watch a short video about UnifiedVu, click here or contact us here.


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