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Yesterday we had a Values Challenge Workshop for staff. The idea for it came from World Values Day, which was on Thursday 19th October this year. World Values Day states that collectively, if we are aware of our values and put them into action each and every day, we can change the world we live in for the better.

The aim of the hour-long workshop was to discuss one value in particular, as chosen by staff, and ways we could put this value into action on a regular basis.

According to World Values Day,

“The evidence is that when organisations have strong values embedded in their culture they perform better and have higher levels of stakeholder engagement and satisfaction. Most organisations have a clear statement of values. But the reality for many of these is that great sounding values can get trampled on in everyday life. It happens. There is a gap that grows between how we could live those values and how we actually behave.” 

In order to determine which value to discuss at the workshop, we sent out a survey in advance to staff. The value we chose was ‘Giving Back’, which we had previously defined as follows:

At the workshop, staff looked at what we are already doing in terms of giving back, and what else we could do as a company to put this value into practice.

One suggestion was to implement a coordinated recycling system for the tenant organisations in our office building. We thought that a central collection point for recycling plastic, glass, card and paper would encourage tenants to recycle. Our commitment would be to make them aware of the new system, provide the recycling bins for collecting each of the different types of material separately and disposal of the recycled materials.

Following the workshop, we contacted the borough council for any advice or help they could give. We were told that recycled waste could be collected by a commercial waste and recycling company for various types of processing. We now need to speak to the company that manages our office building to discuss location of the recycling bins.

For more about OutserveWeb’s values, click here.


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