We’re Doing The Three Peaks Challenge

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Snowdon - one of the three peaks

The Challenge

In July, OutserveWeb staff pledged to undertake 10 challenges over the coming year in celebration of our 10-year anniversary. Managing Director, Phil Oakley, decided to undertake the National Three Peaks Challenge, the UK’s most popular mountain challenge. It involves climbing Ben Nevis in Scotland (1345 metres), Scafell Pike in England (978 metres) and Snowdon in Wales (1085 metres), within a 24-hour period. However, as it turns out, Phil will be doing the challenge twice. The first time will be on 8th September when Phil acts as one of the drivers for his fellow team-mates, transporting them from mountain to mountain to enable them to complete all three climbs within 24 hours. The second time will be in spring 2019 (the date is yet to be confirmed) when Phil will be one of the climbers in his team.

The Team

The other members of the team include Jonathan Andrew of Baswich Business Services Ltd, Rob Mackley of Red Box Web Design Ltd and Steve Cranston of Lilac Films Ltd. In the first of the two challenge attempts, Phil and Jonathan are the designated drivers and Rob and Steve will be doing the climb. Phil and Jonathan will be doing everything they can to support Rob and Steve to complete the challenge. Phil says,

“While I’m really looking forward to it, the preparation for such a feat of endurance is immense. I’m hoping to learn from Steve and Rob’s experience out on the mountains in September and use any tips to help Jonathan and myself when we come to do the climb in the spring.”

Scafeell Pike - one of the Three Peaks
Scafell Pike

Chosen Charities

The team are, of course, doing the National Three Peaks Challenge for each of their chosen charities.

As a climber in the September event, Rob Mackley has chosen to take this challenge on in aid of HELP Appeal. Rob says,

‘”The HELP Appeal is involved in a variety of important helipad projects throughout England & Scotland. Many of these reflect the critical role played by Major Trauma Centres and the vital need for the right kind of base infrastructure.”

If you would like to support Rob by donating to the HELP Appeal, please click here.

Steve Cranston has chosen to take this challenge on in aid of The Gimdi fund, which supports children living in poverty in Gimdi, Nepal. Steve says, “The Gimdi fund provides meals and education for the children of Gimdi. It also helps equip the area with a medical centre, toilets, farming professionals etc. Every penny donated goes straight towards the cause via The Beacon Church as the UK charity (registered as a charity under Sandon Road Baptist Church) and directly to the school Gimdi.”

If you would like to support Steve’s cause, please donate here.

Phil and Jonathan will, of course, be announcing their chosen charities nearer the time of their climb next year.

Ben Nevis - one of the three peaks
Ben Nevis

Why the National Three Peaks Challenge?

The National Three Peaks Challenge is a strenuous physical challenge that requires both mental and physical preparation. What a way to challenge yourself and raise money at the same time! The team will also be witness to some breathtaking views that they will video and possibly live stream!

It’s not the Mountain we conquer, but ourselves
Sir Edmund Hillary

The Team’s Schedule

Start Ben Nevis.

Finish Ben Nevis and start the drive to Scafell Pike (six-hour drive).

Arrive and start climbing Scafell Pike (Wasdale Head)

Finish Scafell Pike and start the drive to Snowdon (five-hour drive).

Arrive and start climbing Snowdon

Finish Snowdon, and complete challenge.

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