WooCommerce and Unleashed Integration Helps ProtectaPet Reach New Markets

WooCommerce and Unleashed Integration Helps ProtectaPet Reach New Markets

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, ProtectaPet supplies and installs award-winning, high specification pet enclosures. Eve and Simon Davies, Directors/Owners of the business, have spent years perfecting their products that are designed to keep pets safe whilst still enabling them to experience and enjoy the outdoors.

ProtectaPet were growing and needed a solution that enabled them to sell to new markets. 

The pet safety company already had a website for selling to Ireland along with their UK website. The UK website has been integrated with Unleashed however the Irish WooCommerce website needed to be integrated with Unleashed to simplify order processing outside of the UK. In order to scale up their business, they needed a real-time view of order processing. One of the main challenges ProtectaPet faced was the complex VAT regulations. Southern and Northern Ireland businesses and consumers all needed to be treated differently.

The solution was clear. ProtectaPet contacted OutserveWeb, as we are experts in implementation and integration as well as Unleashed Partners, to integrate their stock management system with their Irish ecommerce store. ProtectaPet needed our help to ensure the correct VAT was automatically applied to their order processing and stock management system, Unleashed. As a result, orders could be processed and shipped quickly. Eve explained,

“Not having the integration meant that we were spending hours on manual processes that now takes minutes.”

As a partner of Unleashed, OutserveWeb understand the cloud-based inventory management system, and the potential it has to boost a business and support growth. The team at OutserveWeb were able to configure Unleashed and WooCommerce to treat VAT correctly.  

Along with addressing ProtectaPet’s main challenge, they were able to benefit from all of the other benefits that come from integrating WooCommerce and Unleashed.

Unpaid orders can be sent to be Parked and paid orders can be sent to be Completed or Parked, straight to Unleashed when an order is placed in WooCommerce. Stock levels can be updated in WooCommerce and Unleashed, and order shipping tracking can be updated and seen in both – and more! Eve says,

“Thanks to OutserveWeb, we feel confident that we are getting the most out of our solutions.”

By integrating WooCommerce and Unleashed, ProtectaPet are now able to focus on their international growth. They can now move into a new market, without having to worry about significant extra overheads. Orders are seamlessly processed into Unleashed, and by fully using  the automation of their systems, means ProtectaPet can provide even greater customer satisfaction by saving time! Eve added,

“The time and money saved, we have invested back into our business, ensuring growth and continued stability. We are incredibly happy with OutserveWeb.”

WooCommerce and Unleashed Integration Helps ProtectaPet Reach New Markets

Are you looking to do more with less? With experience in implementation and integration, OutserveWeb has a team of experts on hand to help you transition to smarter systems and processes. We understand the pressure that growth can put onto a business, we are able to reduce stress whilst saving your business time and money. Please get in touch for advice and more information, we’re always happy to help.


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