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It’s great when you have written that blog post and can see it in all of its glory with it’s 100’s of words. But sometimes you may not want to show all of the content and just show some ‘teaser’ content. This is where the read more link comes in.

The read more link is a great feature of the WordPress editor. It allows you to just show the beginning of a post on the summary or blog page and a link to to the full article on it’s on page.

This can be great for teasers but also can make the summary page a lot neater especially of you are using a magazine style summary.

To a read more link from the WordPress Visual Editor place your cursor where you want the break to be and click the button highlighted below

Read More Link

If you use the WordPress Text editor instead of the visual editor (as I do) you just need to click the ‘more button’

Read more Link from the Text Editor

or you can just type


You can see the read more link put to good effect of the Evonomie blog below

Evonomie Blog

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