• Full Service - Monthly

  • £70.00

  • Setup £250
  • Apply all updates
  • Monthly database backup
  • Full backup including all content (e.g. photos)
  • Full restore if your site goes down

A WordPress website is usually made up of a WordPress installation, a theme, plugins and your own content such as photos and text.

WordPress releases new updates frequently and these updates can do one of two things.

Firstly, they can add new features. One of the recent updates added the feature to export the personal information of your users.  This was to help companies comply with the new GDPR regulations that came into effect in May 2018.

Secondly, the updates fix security holes in the software which helps prevent unsavory characters from redirecting your website, changing content or just taking down your website all together.

It is for these two reasons you should keep your theme and plugins up-to-date.

It is still necessary to backup your website because while updating various plugins, they can clash with each other, which can take your website down until the plugins are fixed. In this case a backup could be restored to use the older versions of the plugins and keep your site live until the plugins can be fixed.

You should also regularly backup your website so that if someone does redirect your website or change/delete any of your content, it can be restored without having to worry about losing content. Even if you are not aware of every change someone may have made, a complete restore will return the website to how it was at the time of backup.

If we create a website for you but you decide not to go for a support package with us, you will have to pay a minimum charge of £50 for each additional amend to your website.

For any queries on our WordPress services please contact us

Important information

  1. All Prices Exclude VAT
  2. Prices do not include any website hosting costs
  3. Any WordPress sites should not be updated without having a backup first
  4. Database backups do not include images so would only restore text
  5. No website is 100% hack proof but securing your site will significantly reduce the risk and if the worst does happen backups of your site can be restored to ensure any down time is kept to a minimum
  6. 50% deposit of setup on order
  7. 50% of remaining setup payable on completion of setup
  8. Package fees payable in advance monthly by Standing Order