Isn’t It Time You Worked Smarter, Not Harder?

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It’s important to face the truth and automate all of those processes that are time-consuming and repeatable. Many businesses could reap huge benefits by implementing a stock management system.

“Let’s cut to the chase. If your business carries more than five stock items that are sold for profit, you need inventory tracking software.” – ShopKeep

A good stock management system should give you:

  • Satisfied, and therefore happier customers
  • Lower costs
  • Greater efficiency
  • Visibility
  • Flexibility
  • Integration

Stock management systems often have in-built reporting tools, some of these can even allow for a real-time view – which is very important. Having complete visibility of your stock will allow you to predict trends, preventing stock-outs and allowing you to identify dead stock.

Crystal clear reporting in your stock management system

Crystal Clear

Importantly, being able to forecast more accurately is one of the great benefits a business can utilise when they implement a stock management system. Accurate forecasting can save a considerable amount of time and money – vital resources! Stock management systems can demonstrably reduce the need for so many manual tasks.

Customise your reporting with a stock management system.


Many stock management systems have pre-defined reports that present key metrics, organised neatly so that you can easily understand your performance, and customers’ habits. Often, there is the option for specially customised reports, so that you can see what matters the most to your business. Implementing a stock management system has a wide array of benefits to a business.

Check out Unleashed’s inventory management software and discover the difference it could make to your business.

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