NEW Xero Bank Feed for Stripe – A Landmark for Ecommerce Businesses

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Recently, Xero have released a very special Bank Feed for Stripe! Bank feeds have been around for a very long time for traditional banks and have been consistently the number one feature discussed when talking to many Xero users. Understandably, as they save super amounts of time and make the book keeping process so much easier.

In 2017 Xero announced integration to make getting paid online easier, by accepting card payments via Stripe on invoices raised in Xero and reconciling those invoices with Stripe. This was fantastic but did not necessarily help ecommerce businesses who were using Stripe to take payments on their ecommerce website. These payments would arrive as income in the businesses bank accounts, less charges, and reconciling these could be very time consuming.

This should all change now! First announced at Xerocon in San Diego in June and again later at Xerocon Brisbane, Xero and Stripe have come together to provide customers with a seamless integration and bankfeed.

Stripe bank feed in Xero

Below we have a video from one of our Xero Consultants, showing how to set up a Stripe bank feed in Xero. Taking less than 2 minutes, Xero and Stripe help you to save time by creating easy processes to improve your business.


Stripe are one of the world’s most popular online payment providers to get paid by card, and are one of the most technologically advanced payment platforms offering fantastic integration. They are fast becoming part of the fabric of the ecommerce world.

Xero is the most advanced accounting system available for SMEs looking to grow and improve their businesses. Allowing ecommerce businesses to access their important data no matter where they are.

Together, these two powerful systems integrate to create an easily navigable process for both you and your customers. This direct bank feed allows for even more visibility of your numbers. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch. We are passionate about Xero and its accessibility with a team of dedicated Xero experts on-hand to help you!

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