Xero Recently Released Updates

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New updates to Xero’s software increase visibility and productivity. Read about all the new functions below:

Recently Released

View Profit and Loss on Mobile

Quickly view your profit and loss along with how your income and spending is broken up, all from your mobile dashboard. Now you can see if you’re breaking even or making a profit – wherever you are! Furthermore, it includes a percentage comparison to the amounts at the same time in the previous month, quarter or year – allowing you to have even more visibility over your business!

Staff Notifications in Xero HQ

In the latest release of Xero HQ, practice team members get notifications when a new client is added or their client access has been updated.

Remove From WIP List and Update Job State in Bulk in XPM and WFM

Remove the hassle that comes with jobs not being updated and removed from the job manager menu once complete. It is now even easier – select jobs (you can do this individually or in bulk) and click ‘Remove’ from the top of the WIP Manager menu. This removes the job from the invoice list and writes off any unbilled WIP on the job, meaning the job manager menu stays organised.

Percentage of Sales

Calculate percentages based on tracking and budget columns with the new update. Businesses that use tracking to report their financial performance for each individual department can also take advantage of percentage columns. Having a wider view of your financial data and the ability to see it as a percentage will make it far more understandable – with smaller numbers and the context built in. Furthermore, your advisor will easily be able to view your accounts and review potential errors as well as offering business advice.

Customer Self-reactivations

You may have wanted to stop using Xero for some time, maybe you were travelling or taking a break from business. Either way – after cancelling your subscription it used to be impossible to reactivate your deleted or cancelled account. Now, Xero have introduced a Reactivate button on the Dashboard in MyXero which will immediately give you access to your account.

Navigation in Xero Projects – Staff Cost Rates

Your Project Staff Cost Rates setting page can now be found under the Projects tab, in the header as ‘Staff cost rates’. This change should make the process of navigating the pages a little easier.

Multi-page Support for PDF Receipts in Xero Expenses

Some receipts have extra information on that covers more than one page. It can be frustrating to have to edit receipts to fit into a claim in the new Expenses. You can also drag multi-page PDF receipts into a claim and the extra pages will show without any hassle.

Xero Updates


Integrate Directly With The UK’s Largest Pension Provider

You can now reduce submission errors and save time filing pensions with the new direct integration with NEST. It now allows for an easier setup and more control over the filing process, with full Xero Customer Support.

The New TTP-friendly CSV File

To ease the manual filing process, Xero has added a TTP-friendly CSV file on the Pensions Filing page. This will enable you to save even more time.


For more information about Xero, click here. For help with installing Xero or integrating it with your other business systems, contact us here.

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