Announced at Xerocon, Business Snapshot is your New Best Friend

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Business Snapshot will become a key resource in your business growth tool kit.

Xero announced at Xerocon London that their new Business Snapshot pilot will begin in the new year. Excitingly, the tool will allow you to quickly access a real-time summary of your critical performance metrics. Highlighting opportunities, and flagging potential concerns and problems, this tool will guide your business to a brighter future. 

Business Snapshot displays a dashboard-style report of business performance measures and comparisons with previous periods. And income, expenses, gross and net-profit, receivables and payable days, cash and balance sheet will all be available in one view. It’s all on one page to give a high-level view of how the business is performing. 

Business Snapshot Dashboard

Xero knows that as a business owner, you want to know how well your business is performing.

This announcement is game-changing for businesses, and it comes not long after the development of a short-term cash flow tool that was announced in September.  Giving a 30-day view of cash flow to help businesses better assess their health as well as empowering you to make better decisions for payments and bills, by being able to see their effect on cash flow.

Business Snapshot is a great advancement for reporting, whilst being clear and uncomplicated. It’s the next step forwards from the short-term cash flow tool. Using Xero’s Business Snapshot tool will provide you with context, helping you to understand the relationship between your cash flow and profit – to improve decision making! Information is presented in a visual way, making it easy for advisors to explain and for small businesses to understand how their business is performing.

You can join the Business Snapshot pilot by clicking here.

Join the pilot - Xero's Business Snapshot

If you’re interested in the benefits Xero can bring to your growing business, you’re in the right place! We can help with a long list of things, so instead of us listing everything, why not get in touch? Our Xero Consultants can’t wait to hear from you.

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